Projects of the Foundation

The Mycoverse foundation is currently developing several key projects in relation to mushrooms cultivation, clinical research and cultivation programs. These projects include the development of an online digital library, the build-up of a scientific committee, the creation of quality norms and standards for the production and sale of mushrooms products in the Europe. 

European norms of production and quality standards

Mushrooms absorb toxins and polluants from their environment and can contains toxic elements (heavy metals) or radiations depending where and how they are cultivated. It is essential to protect the public against low quality supplements imported in Europe. Quality standards need to be created to guarantee the concentration of active compounds found in a given mushroom supplement sold in Europe. 

Development of new cultivation techniques

Research on how to rebuild a natural soil ecosytem require the extensive use of mycorhiza to recreate a healthy soil humus and depollute contaminated soils (via mycoremediation) when needed. Growing edible mushrooms requires different cultivation techniques according to the type of species. Emphasis is made on improving cultivation techniques according to local climate requirements and available resources. 

Training Center for Mushrooms Cultivation 

The Foundation ambitions to create an Agriculture Training Center for the cultivation of mushrooms. Based on the properties of the mycelium, the center will work on improving cultivation techniques to increase crop yields thanks to the technology of mycelium.
Research towards the use of fungus as biopesticides (entomopathogens) will be developped to target some of the must harmful insects and pests to plants and cultures (like the palm Weevils which threatens all palm trees in southern Europe). 


Training in Mycotherapy

The use of medicinal mushrooms for the treatment of various pathologies has been documented for thousands of years in countries like China or Japan. There is a growing interest by both the public and the medical professions to tap into the potential of medicinal mushrooms to treat many common diseases. Knowledge about how to use them safely and efficiently is essential in order to promote their use in therapeutic treatments. The Foundation is creating a training program for MD and therapeutic professions to be released in 2024-2025.

Clinical Studies and Scientific Research

Current research on the potential of medicinal mushrooms in the treatment of diseases is developing at a fast pace. A significant informational gap still exists between the public and the clinical discoveries about the extraordinary healing properties of medicinal mushrooms. From Reishi, to Lion’s Mane (Hericium), to Cordyceps, to Maitake and to Chaga, medicinal mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular among the public for their healing properties. The Foundation is conducting medical research on these properties in close collaboration with European universities and clinics.

Online eLibrary & publications

The Mycoverse foundation has gathered a unique collection of studies and publications from all over the world which will be progressively released online. The classification and archiving of these materials will be progressively released to the public in 2024. The Foundation will publish books and manuals of reference on mycotherapy and on the cultivation of mushrooms.

Gastronomy & Novel Foods

The potential of mushrooms to offer a healthy and sustainable alternative to meat products or other traditional green food is considerable. More than 9’000 mushrooms are identified as edible mushrooms around the world. They require significantly less water than any other agricultural product and grow faster than most cereals and other vegetables. There is still an untapped potential in using them in gastronomy that the Foundation intend to promote by teaming-up with chefs in Europe to create new flavors and dishes.

E-learning and Educational Programs

The foundation is currently gathering resources and expertise to offer the most ground-breaking e-learning programs in mycotherapy and the cultivation of mushrooms. Using recent techniques and research from the experts, the foundation will build a international team of medical doctors, soil specialists and mycologists to develop its different programs.

Future exciting projects 

Other projects includes the creation of a cryogenic conservation vault. This DNA fungi library will collect, classify and preserve all types of living mycelium and fungi materials on the planet for future generations (“The Fungi Heritage Vault”). Other activities will involve legal activism to reform the legal status of certain types of mushrooms in Europe (PCM* and medicinal mushrooms). The current European legal framework needs to be adapted in view of recent medical research to offer a better balance between concerns of public health (information and protection of the consumer) and take into account the positive and beneficial effects of PCM, which are being progessively recognised as such by some European countries. 

* Psilocybin Containing Mushrooms


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